Zen Reader

Minimalistic feed reader


Open Source

If you want to have your data stored on your own server, you can host an instance of Zen Reader yourself, with the benefit of having read articles synchronised between devices and improved loading times.


Make sure to have git and node.js installed, and then type:

      git clone https://github.com/niklasbuschmann/zenreader.git
      cd zenreader
      npm install
      node server


The installation comes preconfigured for a single default user, you can change this by editing users.config.js. Passwords can be plaintext or hmac-salted.

Start-up script

Use pm2 to enable loading on boot:

      npm install pm2 -g
      pm2 start server
      pm2 startup



If have a super-secret password that needs to be protected while surfing in some public wifi, it would be a good idea to add cloudflare or nginx with ssl as a reverse-proxy.